TAHRIR Coalition

Transparency - Accountability - Humanity - Reparations - Investment - Resistance

TAHRIR is a student-led movement advocating for divestment from and boycott of settler colonialism, occupation, mass incarceration, apartheid, and genocide, in Palestine and beyond, as well as for redirecting of university funds towards the welfare of the student community and empowering its cause towards collective liberation.

Our mission is to decolonize our university, acting in solidarity with the victims of the American empire, and those resisting its injustices both locally and globally. Positioned at the heart of this empire, we, as students within its academic institutions, acknowledge our unique leverage and responsibility to challenge and dismantle its power through various methods including education, direct action, and civil disobedience.

TAHRIR, as our name symbolizes, is rooted in the understanding that liberation is both feasible and necessary. This begins with reorienting our institution's resources to reflect the values and aspirations of the student community over profit and the private interests of the elite. We demand transparency and accountability from our administration, and a shift in resource allocation of resources for Humanity and Reparations. This involves directly supporting those impacted by the legacy of empire, colonialism, and racism, and engaging in efforts that contribute to systemic and meaningful change. Finally, our movement understands that meaningful change doesn't come from passive waiting; rather, it learns from Palestinians and other struggling peoples across the third world, that true transformation requires collective unified grassroots power, steadfastness, and persistent, stubborn resistance.


  1. Students Allied for Freedom and Equality
  2. Arab Student Association
  3. Graduate Employees Organization 3550
  4. La Casa
  5. Black Student Union
  6. United Asian American Organizations
  7. Native American Student Association
  8. Filipino American Student Association
  9. Student Community Of Progressive Empowerment
  10. African Students Association
  11. Jewish Voice for Peace
  12. Young Democratic Socialists of America
  13. United Students Against Sweatshops
  14. Oceanic Students Association
  15. Sunrise Ann Arbor
  16. Warp at Michigan
  17. South Asian Awareness Network
  18. Students Organize for Syria
  19. The Muslim Coalition
  20. Muslim Student Association
  21. Muslim Graduate Student Association
  22. Islamic Society of Ahlulbayt
  23. Muslim Law Student Association
  24. Muslim Business Student Association
  25. North African Student Association
  26. East African Student Association
  27. Syrian Student Association
  28. Yemeni Student Association
  29. Jordanian Student Association
  30. Egyptian Student Association
  31. Bangladeshi Student Association
  32. Pakistani Student Association
  33. Indian Muslim Student Association
  34. Students of Color in Public Policy
  35. Iraqi American Union
  36. Arab MENA Student Psychological Association
  37. Arab Business Society
  38. Lebanese Student Association
  39. Students of Color interested in Law
  40. Epsilon Alpha Sigma Sorority Inc.
  41. Omega Beta Eta, Arab Fraternity Inc.
  42. Zeta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.
  43. Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc.
  44. Palestinian Empowerment Foundation - UM Medical School
  45. Law Students for Justice in Palestine - UM Law School
  46. Here Earning a Destiny through Honesty, Eagerness, and Determination of Self
  47. Michigan in Color
  48. Beta Eta Chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc.
  49. Community Led Interpretation For Medical Equity
  50. Michigan Institute for Progressive Policy
  51. Inter-Cooperative Council of Ann Arbor
  52. People's Michigan
  53. Dil Se
  54. Uproot: Transcending and Radicalizing Environmental Education
  55. POSA (Portrait of South Asia)
  56. The Michigan Gayly: LGBT Issues
  57. Puentes
  58. Notably Black and Gay
  59. Black Maternal Equity Collective
  60. Zeta Omega Eta
  61. National Arab American Medical Association NextGen
  62. Sociologists for Palestine
  63. MA:E Magazine
  64. STAMPS in Color
  65. Muslim Engineering Society
  66. Black Undergraduate Psychological Association
  67. She's the First at the University of Michigan
  68. Black Radical Healing Pathways
  69. Michigan Sikh Studies Forum
  70. 48 Frames
  71. Latinx Indigenous Social Work Alliance
  72. Michigan Muslim Pre-Health
  73. World for Women
  74. Therapeutic Art Project
  75. Friends of Guatemala
  76. La Salud
  77. Arabesque Dance Troupe
  79. UMMA Student Advisory Board (SAB)
  80. Vietnamese Student Association
  81. Prison Creative Arts Project Student Organization