Divest! Don't Arrest

The People Demand UMich Divest

Although calls for ceasefire and divestment grow both inside and outside of the University, the University continues to ignore our calls for divestment and furthermore criminalize and repress pro-Palestinian protestors.

No more — we are taking matters into our own hands.

TAHRIR Coalition is organizing a grassroots campaign for divestment and a more democratic university, called Divest! Don't Arrest.

The first stage of this campaign was a People's Referendum, in response to the University's unilateral and undemocratic cancellation of the CSG vote last November, refusal to act on calls for divestment from representative bodies in the University, and the University's criminal repression of over 40 pro-Palestine student protestors. The referendum was open to all students, staff, and faculty on all three U-M campuses and passed, with 99% voting in favor. In total, 3,251 people voted in favor of divestment. Read the language of the referendum here.

Our movement is growing and we will not rest until we win divestment. In response to our growing power, the University is increasing the intensity of its crackdown against our movement, repressing protestors by issuing trespassing citations, sending police to intimidate faculty and staff for information on ongoing protest activity, and proposing the draconian Disruptive Activities Policy.

We are not intimidated. We will continue our fight against the Palestinian exception to free speech and we will continue applying pressure to the University administration until we win divestment. We will fight against the Palestinian exception to free speech and continue to apply pressure to University administration. We are mobilizing and exercising our collective power.

Join us in the fight for divestment: sign on to our open letter and make an action pledge. What are you willing to do to fight for divestment, Palestinian liberation, and free speech?